Hi, my name is
Manuel Schröder.

I'm a front-end engineer who loves crafting beautiful and fast websites. International Relations graduate turned WordPress expert, I ultimately developed a passion for the Jamstack. My favorite technologies include Vue, Astro, Tailwind, and Storyblok. These days, I work as a Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok.

My story

Latest Articles

Highlighting the current nav entry in your Storyblok/Astro project

Wondering how to indicate in your navigation which page is currently being viewed? Let me show you how it can be done, using the example of the website that you're currently visiting.
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Announcing @storyblok/astro

I discovered Astro in late 2021 and loved the project immediately. After joining Storyblok as a DevRel Engineer, I've had the fantastic opportunity to develop an SDK that makes it possible to integrate Storyblok into your Astro project. Give it a try – I'd love to hear your feedback.
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Welcome to my new page!

Celebrating the release of @storyblok/astro and reflecting my shift from freelance web development to developer relations at Storyblok, I've decided it was time to rebuild my portfolio from scratch.
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My favorite technologies

Tailwind CSS
Visual Studio Code